About Us

Western Air Virtual & Flying Club

The VA started in 2012 at the heart of our founding members private pilot training. Our founder was undergoing real world training out of Thruxton Airfield EGHO when he realised that a hobby deserves passion and the ability to share that with others. Western Air Virtual had been created to bring a virtual way of flying together with others that share the same interest. Thruxton was once home of a light aircraft flying school consisting of various PA28 and C172 aircraft. It was the founder’s intention to replicate a virtual flying club so that members could fly at home in a virtual way using programs like FSX. The ability to share an aircraft over a network is exactly how our founder intended it.

Western Air Flight School

  • We have provided since 2012 our members shared cockpit flight training over our network.
  • New members will head off on our PPL short course to earn their wings into the Virtual Airline.
  • The flight school was once named the Academy back in 2012, however we have decided to go old school and renamed it Western Air Flight School.
  • Western Air Flight School originated from our founding members real world training at Thruxon Airfield.
  • We have a passion to educate and mentor our members whether it be one on one or group sessions.

Flying Club

  • Based out of Thruxton Airfield EGHO.
  • Where your flying career will start
  • Home to 4x PA28, 2x C172 and 1x B58 aircraft.
  • Our fleet come with their own Western Air Paint scheme and checklists.
  • We have many flights available to our Private Pilots. Whether it be Compton Abbas for lunch or a trip over the channel to Alderney.
  • Located in Hampshire, Thruxton gives an easy pathway to anywhere in Southern England.
  • Home to an asphalt runway in a westerly heading our members can take off and land within limits most of the year round.

Virtual Airline

  • Western Air Virtual has always been an addition to the flying club.
  • We fly from most of the UK's major airports.
  • Our fleet consist of mainly the A321 and the B738, however we have the bigger jets to.
  • The VA has many internal and external flights that can be booked within the scheduling system.
  • Our fleet come with our repaints available in the resource centre
  • We have Simbrief integration built into our scheduling system.

CPL Coming Soon

  • We will soon offer CPL category fleet and schedules.


  • Western Air has always provided a Teamspeak server to its members so that we can communicated.
  • Our server offers many channels to provide classrooms, ATC channel rooms and general chat rooms.
  • Teamspeak is where we carry out our multiplayer voice communications to allow our pilots to radio call our air traffic controllers.
  • We hold a regular Wednesday live atc session on our server.
  • Our server can be found at "".

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