NOTAM NameAircraft Maintenance. !!All Must Read!!
NOTAM Creation Date2018-01-23
NOTAM Publish Date2018-01-23

Hello Member,

Here is a brief description regarding how Western Air Virtual run the maintenance schedule.  All of the aircraft in our fleet have a status bar and that status bar shows a percentage at which the state of the aircraft is considered to be in.  When an aircraft’s status bar reaches a certain threshold the system will automatically assign that aircraft into Maintenance Mode.  When the aircraft is in Maintenance Mode it will show as 'in the hangar' and will no longer show as available for booking into a route.


The threshold for an aircraft to enter Maintenance Mode is 6%.  Why 6% you may ask?  We have found that when an aircraft dropped below 0% the ACARS system will consider it crashed.  This was not very helpful situation as it meant management had to edit the database which is not a quick fix.  The choice of setting it at 6% will make sense shortly.


At this point you may be thinking "What if the aircraft status is quite low?" "Can I still fly the aircraft?"  Good questions!  If an aircraft drops below 6% it will enter Maintenance Mode and will then no longer be available for flight.  The system will NOT take into consideration where the aircraft is currently located.  Therefore, if you fly an aircraft and end up taking the status down below the 6% threshold, good luck trying to fly home!


Moving on, the aircraft will use 5% of its status every time it flies.  This means that an aircraft can make 19 flights before entering Maintenance Mode.  The idea behind this is so that the aircraft can be flown 18 times before needing maintenance and then the remaining 10% status will allow us to arrange for the aircraft to be flown to our maintenance hub.  This will be the 19th flight.  Once at the maintenance hub the status will have dropped from 10% down to 5%.  The aircraft will be of a lower status value of the 6% threshold, thus resulting in the aircraft automatically entering Maintenance Mode.  Hopefully the reason behind the 6% threshold is now clear.


Once the aircraft has entered maintenance mode it will be grounded and put in the hangar for 3 days after the date of entry.  The aircraft will not be available for flight and will no longer show up in the booking system.  An email confirming the aircraft is available, and maintenance has been completed, will be sent to the person it concerns.


A total of 18 flights will allow for an outbound flight followed by a return flight 9 times.  Every aircraft will need 10% remaining to allow for the aircraft to be moved to the maintenance hub.  As stated previously if an aircraft is run down below 6% it will no longer be available.  The idea is that the aircraft eventually arrives back to its designated hub with 10% remaining and room for one remaining flight for maintenance.  It is your responsibility to take note that if the aircraft is not going to have a minimum status of 10% when arriving back at its hub then you must notify Management for authorisation to fly.  We can either arrange a direct route to maintenance or we can extend the status of the aircraft to suit your needs. 


To summarise, things that you need to remember...

• Every time an aircraft is used the status will drop by 5%.

• The aircraft must arrive back at its hub with at least 10% status remaining. 

• Maintenance mode is automatically triggered when the aircraft status drops below 6%.

• You must get authorisation to fly if you cannot return an aircraft back to a hub with 10% remaining on arrival. 


Please if you have any questions regarding the above Email Here

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